The Arid Zone


"This is not true!" He says to Himself.  Himself looks up and sighs. He is always trying to prove He isn’t strange. Why He can’t be more like Myself is just beyond Me.

Me, of course, is standing in the corner drinking a Rum and Coke and wondering why Everyone doesn’t get out more.  Everyone doesn’t really care for He is playing the xbox while Everyone watches.



It’s why we’re all a little odd…


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My friend now has a domain for his site. HUZZAH!


We’ve made it even easier to find us on the net! We’re now! Tell your friends, tell your dog and tell your grandma where we’re at!  Say “hi” to nanna next time you talk to her and ask her to send cookies. Love ya nanna!

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This isn’t Pixar.  Disney needs to hire these guys to do a CGI Rocketeer movie, stat!


Heh.  *Hugs internet and holds it close*


My friend got me this sweatshirt, how cool is that :)

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Narnia - Toby Mac

Narnia ROCKS

Running Away - Matisyahu 

Very chill.  This deserves to be played as a person cruises around on the coast while the sun is going down and everyone is just…waiting.   Oh yah…


"One does not simply dancey dance into Mordor."

That is classic XD


For @heart1lly_

Also, my life is so much richer having discovered this.

One does not simply dancey dance into Mordor.

Elijah Wood Dancey Dance (by yogabbagabba)

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One Day (Live) - Matisyahu

I love this song and this is a killer version of it.  He drops in to a cool beatbox in the middle of this melodic song and it works well.  Awesome…


This is why I work from home…


Thanks for the heads up

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